Rani Fankha is a Sri Lankan-Swiss designer currently based in Berne, Switzerland.

In 2012 she graduated from BFF Berne with a degree in dressmaking. Her first collection 'Afterglow' was selected to be presented at the annual fashion show 'Stichfest 2012',

a renowned platform for both emerging and established artists and fashion labels.


Her work is strongly influenced by Japanese culture and lifestyle which is a recurring theme in her drawings and sketches that she started creating in early teenage years. 

In 2008 she decided to spend an entire schoolyear in Saga, Japan as an exchange student, an experience that has had a crucial impact both on her artistic practice and personality. She has gone back to the country several times since.


Her latest collection 'ran.ran' applies traditional Japanese high-quality fabric to create simple and timeless clothing and accessories, every single piece handmade in perfection.


Her illustrations derive from her personal fascination to study the human being in its beauty and imperfection. With a high sensitivity for both detail and reduction, she reveals emotional scars and situations that reflect the joys and struggles of her generation.






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